Brady Bunch Quotes

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  1. "I'm not a snitcher. I just tell the truth."

  2. "I'm strictly a no-talent. I'll never be good at anything. Never!" Jan
  3. "He's better than a doctor. He's Santa Claus!" Cindy
  4. "I'm a pee-wee. I'll always be a pee-wee."

  5. "I am a little Sunflower / Sunny, brave and true / From tiny bud to blossom / I do good deeds for you." Peter
  6. "Something suddenly came up." Marcia (learned from Greg)
  7. "Baby talk, baby talk, it's a wonder you can walk!"

 Buddy Henton
  8. "Mom always said don't play ball in the house." Bobby
  9. "Pork chops and apple sauce." Peter
  10. "Oh! My nose!"

  11. "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" Jan