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Opening Questions

Digital Learning Objects are any objects that foster learning and can be accessed digitally. These objects can be created by you or your students, or can be collected from another source.

Created by:
  • Teachers
  • Colleagues
  • Students
  • Outside Resources

A Digital Learning Object can be used to:
  • deliver content
  • allow students to process information
  • allow students to communicate learning
  • support student-directed learning
  • support blended learning
  • support flipped classroom

Some examples...
pdf file, link, video clip from a popular movie, video from YouTube, common craft video, comic strip, digital storybook, digital scavenger hunt using QR codes, billboard design, graph, database, survey, screencast, wiki, website, speech, jingle, dvd or book jacket design, video slideshow, song or rap, blueprint plan, stop motion movie, interview, word cloud, electronic bibliography, animation, commercial, digital scrapbook, logo design, flyer, chart, trifold brochure, timeline, lip dub, movie poster, online textbook,..