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Top Ten Brady Bunch Episodes: TV Land Survey

10. Getting Davy Jones (Marcia meets Davy Jones)
9. Grand Canyon Trilogy (Bobby and Cindy get lost in Grand Canyon)
8. Where There's Smoke (Jan and Cindy catch Greg smoking)
7. Confessions, Confessions (Boys played ball in the house, and broke Carol's favorite face)
6. Adios, Johnny Bravo (Greg doesn't want to be Johnny Bravo without his siblings)
5. Hawaii Bound (Tiki curse)
4. The Personality Kid (Peter brushes up his personality… "Pork chops, and applesauce.")
3. Her Sister's Shadow (Jan is jealous of Marcia… "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia")
2. Dough Re Mi (Peter's voice changes… "Time to Change" song was recorded)
1. The Subject was Noses (Peter and Bobby accidentally hit Marcia in the nose with a football. "Oh, my nose!)