What are some different ways to share your DLOs with students, colleagues, and parents?
  • Store DLOs on a Dublin Server. Here's how.
  • Utilize a DLO in a Lesson in the Lessons Database (Content Libraries button on the Dublin Dashboard)
  • Put a DLO on computers around the room, and rotate students through.
  • Put a DLO on your computer, and project for students in your class.
  • Incorporate a DLO into a Keynote presentation.
  • Upload a DLO (video) to a video warehouse.
  • Upload a DLO to your Dublin Teacher Webpage.
  • Upload a DLO to your Wiki or other website.
  • For smaller DLOs, upload to your ProgressBook homework page or class info page.
  • Use a QR code on pieces of paper around the room or building, and let kids use their phone/iPod to scan.
  • Use a QR code projected on a screen, and have kids scan.
  • Use to link to your file online, then the kids can type in a simple URL.