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How to Create Lessons
In the Dublin Dashboard, you will find a button for CONTENT LIBRARIES. This is where you will find images, files, videos, and lessons created by Dublin teachers.

About the Lessons Database:

  1. The audience is the STUDENT. The lessons are written for a particular grade level student in a particular subject. In many cases, a lesson will be tagged also by standard. These are NOT lesson plans... They are LESSONS.
  2. You can share a link to a lesson with your students just as you'd share any link. Link to a lesson from a webpage, QR code, homework area... Anywhere.
  3. Students can view a lesson on a computer, tablet, or handheld device. It looks very nice no matter what the kids are using!
  4. Lessons can a variety of components including: text (rich, formatted text), links, files, videos, images, embedded Google Forms... It acts as a stand-alone web page.
  5. All lessons are tagged with: key words, grade, subject, and, perhaps, standards. That means you can search the Lessons Database for lessons that pertain to what you are teaching.
  6. Dublin teachers create the lessons. Divide and conquer! As we are moving into the new Common Core, you will be looking for a lot of new materials to use with your students. Why not collaborate with your PLC to get lessons in the Lessons Database.
  7. You can search, find, copy, and modify lessons that you find in the Lessons Database. Perhaps you find a lesson that is a good start, but you'd like to add, delete, or modify the lesson to make it your own. No problem! You will copy the lesson, and then you can modify it at will!
  8. The more the merrier! The more contributors there are, the better it will be. This Lessons Database will be a great resource for ALL teachers, but we need to populate it with lessons now.
  9. "Just in Time" Tech PD... The PD modules created by the Dublin TSTs will be housed in the Lessons Database.
  10. This is NEW! Lots of training is coming!

Embed your Lesson into a Wiki
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